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Office 365 Exporter

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Export Exchange Online Mailbox, Contacts, Calendars, & Tasks to PST, EML, and MSG. Microsoft Exchange Online or Office 365 exporter is an easy-to-use application, which also provides facility to split large Outlook Data file by size.

  • Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST, EML and MSG Format
  • Set Date Filter in Mails, Calendars, Tasks while moving Office 365 items to PST
  • Set Naming Convention in Mails while moving data from O365 to EML & MSG
  • Backup Office 365 Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks to Outlook PST format
  • Admin Impersonation to simultaneously transfer several user accounts
  • Split large Outlook Data file while exporting Office 365 mailboxes to PST
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and below versions of Operating System
  • Export In-place archive Office 365 Mailbox to PST format new feature
  • User Can Export Office 365 Shared Mailbox to PST Easily new feature
  • Export Multiple Office 365 User's Account Mailboxes into PST format

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Easy Way to Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST, EML and MSG

Advance Features of Microsoft Office 365 Export

Export Office 365 Mailbox

Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST Completely

The Office 365 Exporter tool enables users to backup account mailboxes of MS Office 365 domain to another email client. All the Exchange online email folders gets saved in the chosen file format. Apart from this, the software also supports migration of contacts, calendar, and tasks from Office 365 to Outlook.

Export Office 365 Data in Multiple Format

Multiple Office 365 Email Export Options Available

Following file formats are rendered by this Office 365 mailbox export tool to migrate data from Office 365 cloud to desktop-based email client:

  • PST: Export Office 365 contacts, emails, calendar, and tasks to MS Outlook
  • EML: Export messages from Office 365 to Thunderbird, Apple Mail, PocoMail, etc.
  • MSG: Open single or more Office 365 emails in Outlook 2016 and all prior versions
File Naming Convention

5+ File Naming Convention Options

While exporting Office 365 mailboxes to EML / MSG, the Office 365 export tool provides a useful option of saving files with desired naming pattern. Users are free to select any of the naming style option from the list provided to them via this product. The chosen pattern will be implemented in all resultant messages files of the software.

Selective Migrate data from Office 365 Mailbox

2 Ways to Attempt Selective Migration

The Office 365 Export PST tool equips following 2 ways to eliminate unwanted items from exporting process :

  • Category Filtering: Select only those Exchange Online or O365 folder that is to be included in migration
  • Date-based Filtering: Set To-to-From range to move items of the mentioned date only
Move Data from Multiple Office 365 user accounts

Backup Office 365 Data From Multiple User Accounts

The Microsoft Exchange Online or Office 365 exporter provides a very useful option for Administrative set of end users. While moving mailboxes with this tool, users will be able to exhibit migration with / without impersonation feature. This allows migration from single as well as multiple user accounts all at one time.

Move Data from Multiple Office 365 user accounts

Export Office 365 Contacts

This application allow user to export contacts from Office 365 account into desirable formats. The tool successfully export Office 356 contacts including telephone number, email address, mobile number, work address and the location.

Move Data from Multiple Office 365 user accounts

Export Office 365 Calendar

Using Office 365 Exporter, user can export calendar from Office 365. All Office 365 calendar appointments, and recurring appointments within specified date ranges will also be migrated along with Start Date, End Date, Time Zone, Repeat, Category. Calendar attachments such as files and documents, Cloud attachments (As file & OneDrive Link) will be migrate with their associated event/appointment.

Move Data from Multiple Office 365 user accounts

Export Tasks from Office 365

User can easily export tasks from Office 365 account into required format. The tool will migrate Office 365 tasks with Due Date, Start Date, End Date, Priority, Reminder, % Complete. If any files and documents attached to a task will also be exported.

Pause and Resume Option

Smart Feature of Pause and Resume

The processing of the application can be paused in between, if something goes wrong. This feature is useful in case when the internet bandwidth is needed for some other tasks or net connection is slow at the processing time. One will be able to resume conversion procedure from the exact point where it had left.

Office 365 Exporter Specification

What Free version of Office 365 Export Tool does?

Demo version of Exchange Online or Office 365 export software backup only first 100 emails and first 25 other items to PST, MSG and EML format

Free Download
100% Secure

System Specification

System Specifications

Other Requirements

Other requirement

Supported Plans

Office 365 Supported Plans

How to Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST File – Step by Step Guide

Export Exchange Online Mailbox to PST with User Admin Account

First Download » Install » Launch Office 365 Export Tool and click on Login Button.

Click on Office 365 Login Button

Enter Email id of admin, Password and hit on "Sign-in" button.
Note: Make sure to check "Is admin" option.

Enter User Name and Password

Under Email format, select Microsoft Outlook PST.

Select Outlook PST Format

To split large PST, you can select "Split" option.

Split Outlook Data File Option

Under Categories, you can select any option to export data from Office 365 to PST format. Here, I seleted "Mails" only. Click on "Date Filter" to export selected emails from Office 365 to PST or any other formats.

Select Categories

Date Filter

Check "Archive Mailbox" option to export Office 365 Archive mailbox to PST format.

Archive Office 365 Mailbox to PST

"In-place archive mailbox" option must be enabled in User's Office 365 email account.

Enable In-place Archive option

"Browse" Destination Location.

Browse Location

After selecting the location, click on "Start" button.

Destination Path

Now, Office 365 Export process will start.

Export Office 365 Mailbox Process Start

Office 365 Export process completed succefully.

Export Process Completed

Hit on the "Save Report".

Save Office 365 Mailbox Exported CSV Report

Report will be saved succefully.

Report Saved Successfully

Export Exchange Online Mailbox to PST without Admin Account

Click on "Login" Button after downloading Office 365 Export Tool.

Click on Office 365 Login Button

Enter Credentials and do not check "Is Admin" option.

Enter Credentials

Office 365 Exporter will show you the folder hierarchy of each id that has been added in the tool.

Folder Hierarchy

Select Outlook PST Format.

Select PST Format

Select "Mail" from Category list. Hit on "Date-Filter" option to move selective data from O365 to PST file.

Select Categories

Date Filter

Mark a tick on "Archive Mailbox" option to Archive Office 365 mailbox to PST format.

Archive Office 365 Mailbox to PST

"Office 365 In-place archive" option should be enabled of Office 365 user's email account.

Enable In-place Archive option

Browse Location.

Browse Destination Location

Click "Start" after selecting the destination.

Destination Path

Office 365 Export Process will begin now.

Office 365 to PST Process Start

Export Process Completed Successfully.

Office 365 Migration Process Completed

Save CSV Report

Save Office 365 Mailbox to CSV

Report Saved Successfully

Report Saved Successfully

Watch How to Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST, EML and MSG in this Video

Watch How to "Enable In-place Archive" Option for Office 365 Export archive Mailbox

Screenshots of Office 365 Exporter Tool

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I am the IT administrator in a IT firm where I holds 150+ user accounts in an Office 365 domain for official purpose. Recently, the director of my firm had decided to shift from Office 365 to Outlook Mail for security purpose. So, I want to know- Is there any functionality in your tool through which I can process and export Office 365 mailbox to PST for multiple user accounts data all at once?

Solution: Yes, you have to use impersonation feature of Office 365 mailbox export PST tool. You just need to check the checkbox of ‘Is Admin’ on the screen where you are entering the Office 365 admin credentials.

Question: I find your export Office 365 mailbox to PST tool reliable for export contacts from Office 365 to CSV. However, I am having a doubt that will this Office 365 exporter work without MS Outlook installation as supportive program or not? Can any technician help me out in clearing this doubt?

Solution: Following list will make you aware from technical requirements need to migrate Office 365 mailbox to PST, EML and MSG:

  • MS Outlook installation is mandatory to export Office 365 user mailbox to PST
  • MS Azure active directory module is need for Windows PowerShell
  • A complete setup of Microsoft Online Services assistant is needed to export Office 365 emails to PST/ EML / MSG.
Question: I want few emails of certain time period to be saved in EML format. For this purpose, I purchased your Office 365 export PST tool because it is having date filtering feature within it. But, after buying, a question struck in my mind that will the output EML files work in Thunderbird 52.5.0 (32-bit) or not?

Solution: Yes, the EML files generated by the Office 365 exporter will work in all its supportive program. This can be any like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, PocoMail, Windows Live Mail, etc.

Question: I have gone through your entire product page description of MS Office 365 to Outlook migration software. Actually, the tool fits for all the requirements that I want. However, I have a query in my mind that the PST file created by your Office 365 PST export tool will get accessed in MS Outlook 2013 or not?

Solution: The Office 365 mailbox export tool creates PST file of UNICODE type, which is workable on MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and all below versions.

Question: I have Office 365 mailbox data above 100 GB. I have enabled In-place Archiving, now there are 2 mailbox, one is user's main mailbox and other is archive mailbox. So, I want to know that can I export archive O365 mailbox to PST format?

Solution: Yes, you can export Office 365 online archive to PST as well as EML and MSG file format in same hierarchy as it is available in Office 365 User or admin account.

Question: I have more than 10,000 emails stored in my O365 account. I want to know that will this software maintain the read / unread status of my email messages or not?

Solution: You can easily save emails from Office 365 to Outlook with the help this Office 365 export tool. And, it maintains read/unread status of emails as well. Moreover, there is an option download selective data as well which means if you want to save emails only, then you can select only emails to be downloaded.

Question: I want to share my mailbox data stored in my O365 account with my colleague. I am thinking to create a PST file of my entire data share my data with him. Can I use this software to do the same?

Solution: Using this tool to export O365 mailboxes to PST, you can download all your mailbox data like emails, calendar, contacts with ease.

Question: Half of my emails in O365 account are stored in In-Place archive. Will this Office 365 Exporter migrate those emails as well?

Solution: This software for Office 365 export mailbox to PST is capable enough to migrate archived as well as shared mailbox in PST format.