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How to Download Outlook 365 Emails Locally

If you are looking for ways to backup Outlook 365 data locally, then you are in right place. In this article, we will discuss 2 of the best techniques using which Admin or a user can download Outlook 365 emails on their local computer. Read more

How to Delete Mailbox from Office 365

Many organizations might need to delete their Office 365 mailboxes due to many possible reasons. Some of them may face the problem of huge data size and some may of data complexity. Read more

How Long Does Office 365 Keep Deleted Emails

Microsoft Office 365 stores mailbox data in the cloud if you don’t delete it either intentionally or accidentally. Although, O365 mailboxes are abstract and can be lost due to some miss clicks. Read more

How Secure is Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the leading business productivity suites in the world right now. If we talk about current statistics, almost 40% of businesses are either using Office 365 or planning to move to it. Read more

Limitations of O365 Shared Mailbox

Office 365 Shared Mailbox Limitations

Do you know what are shared mailboxes in Office 365? How many these kinds of mailboxes are provided by MS Office 365? Do they require any license to activate shared mailbox? What is the Office 365 shared mailbox limitations and how to cope up with them? If not, then you are at the right place as this article will answer all your questions. Read more

eDiscovery Search Failed

Office 365 eDiscovery Search Failed

Users can use eDiscovery to export results to the in-place eDiscovery search to Microsoft Outlook PST file in the Exchange Admin Center (EAC). The search results will consist of all the components from mailboxes as well as public folders. It depends completely on the sources of the content from the eDiscovery search. These search results can be sent to other people also within the same organization. Read more

Recover Deleted Emails in Office 365

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Office 365

Oftentimes, users remove their emails accidentally from the Inbox and deleted items folder. The deleted items can be recovered from the folder named recover deleted items. But, what if the emails are not present in that folder either? The solution is to use In-Place eDiscovery and hold feature of the Exchange Online. Read more

Office 365 vs Google Apps

Google Apps vs Office 365

Both Office 365 and Google apps (G suite) are most famous Office productivity suite of Microsoft and Google that let you perform common business tasks in the cloud. And, both allows to create documents, cloud storage, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. It also supports video conferencing and collaborates with team members. The similarity in their features makes it difficult for a user to choose one of them. Read more

Enable Data Loss Prevention

Enable Data Loss Prevention in O365

Since data is the most valuable thing in today’s business world, organizations should be careful about protecting sensitive data. Especially when it comes to the security of emails, measures should be taken to safeguard them. Lots of things can be done to ensure that the sensitive data does not leave your firm in unsecured manner. Read more

Lotus Notes vs Office 365

Lotus Notes vs Office 365 Comparison

Both IBM Lotus Notes and Office 365 have the similar goals but these are greatly different in the approach to delivering emails. However, both email clients seem to be similar if the seeker is unaware about these applications. In the era of Client-Servers, the Office 365 is a server program that allows emails to be transferred to users with other operations. Read more

Exchange Online vs On Premise

Exchange Online vs On Premise Comparison

No doubt, Microsoft Exchange has been the best messaging service and preferred choice all over the world. But, for the last few years, Exchange On-premises has received a lot of attention regarding how to frame, work on it and retain its environment. Still, there is a gradual progression to the cloud storage space. Read more

Office 365 Team Collaboration

Office 365 Team Collaboration

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most productive tools introduced by Microsoft. Basically, it refers to the subscription plans that include access to Office 365 applications as well as cloud-based SaaS products for business environments. These services include Read more

Why Office 365 Backup is Important

Why Office 365 Backup is Important?

Imagine you arrived at your Office and login to the Office 365 account. And you find out all of your precious data files are gone – employees document, project report, client information etc. Now, all of the information that is important for your organization Read more

Why Office 365 Backup is Important

Office 365 Vs Office 2016

There is a large variety of products and services offered by the Microsoft. But, in this article, we are focusing on only two services of Microsoft i.e. Office 365 and traditional Office 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. We will also tell you how Office 365 is better than Read more

Working Offline with Office 365

Working Offline with Office 365

Are you trying to search for a solution to work Offline with Office 365? You are at right place, I am going to explain 5 tricks to use Office 365 Offline. After reading this blog, you will be able to use Microsoft Office 365 without internet Connection. Read more