How to Recover Deleted Emails in Office 365

Here, we have picked the user query from the forum sites to understand the problem well:

Amelia Daniels: “I am the global administrator of the company. I asked one of my Office 365 users to remove 10 emails from 2013 which were of no use. But, by mistake, he had deleted the entire mailbox containing almost 2500 emails. From these emails, at least 60% are genuinely important from work. Now, I cannot restore them. I need help to recover deleted emails in Office 365. Any solutions please?”

Recover Deleted Emails Office 365

Oftentimes, users remove their emails accidentally from the Inbox and deleted items folder. The deleted items can be recovered from the folder named recover deleted items. But, what if the emails are not present in that folder either? The solution is to use In-Place eDiscovery and hold feature of the Exchange Online.

Workaround to Recover Deleted Emails in Office 365 Admin

A user needs to follow the given set of instructions to restore deleted emails in Office 365 account:

Alternative Solution to Recover Deleted Emails in Office 365

You all have heard that the prevention is better than cure. Hence, in case users delete some of the important emails, then they must have a backup of the data. The backup of Office 365 mailbox can be obtained by the third-party tool like Office365Export PST tool. This is the professional solution to save the data of Office 365 in different file formats like PST and EML file format. Selective data can also be backed up by applying filters.


If the user has deleted important emails from Office 365, they can be recovered without any problem. Even if the items are not present in recover deleted items folders, they can still be retrieved from In-Place eDiscovery feature. Also, an automated tool is also introduced to recover deleted emails in Office 365.