Exchange Online vs On Premise – Comparison

No doubt, Microsoft Exchange has been the best messaging service and preferred choice all over the world. But, for the last few years, Exchange On-premises has received a lot of attention regarding how to frame, work on it and retain its environment. Still, there is a gradual progression to the cloud storage space.

The organization largely depends on IT to figure out whether email services should be saved on cloud or on-premises. Then, it becomes necessary to start transmitting the future of emails and calendaring server.

The unique features of Exchange Online vs On premise are discussed in the post. Also, the major differences are also explained to make a clear choice between the two.

Exchange Online vs On Premise

Knowing the Right Requirements

Before selecting any one email service provider between the two, users must find answers to some of the questions related to their email ecosystem. Some of the questions that are to be considered by any organization are:

If users can find out answers to any of the queries, then it can safely be known that the company needs Exchange On premises or Office 365 Exchange Online. If these common questions are not according to the interest of the organization, then users can consider the difference between Exchange Online and on premise. It will help users to understand the preference of the organization.

The Uniqueness of Exchange Online and On Premise

Some of the factors are discussed here to compare Exchange online and on premise. Users are advised to go through them in order to figure out their requirements.

Final Words

As already discussed above, there are multiple difference between Exchange online and on premise. It completely depends on the organization, whether to choose the cloud storage or on-premises. Although it is difficult to exit against must-have features and services, it has to be decided very carefully.