How to Export/ Download Outlook 365 Emails? A Step-By-Step Guide

Summary: If you are one of those looking for a solution on how to download Outlook 365 emails. Then this write-up will be fruitful for you. Here you will find the top 2 methods to save all emails from Office 365 webmail to desktop.

There are numerous reasons which organizations need to export all emails from Office 365 webmail. It includes legal and compliance reasons, storage issues, and many more. However, because of a lack of knowledge, most of the administrators failed to export Office 365 emails to desktops.

No matter, what your reason is, after going through this article you will absolutely have the correct idea in your mind on how to download all emails from Outlook 365. So, without taking much of your time, let’s get started with the methods to do the task.

How to Export All Emails from Office 365 Webmail Using MS Outlook?

One of the free and basic methods for downloading Outlook 365 emails of a single user is by using the desktop MS Outlook application.

Note: If you don’t have MS Outlook installed, then first download and launch it before proceeding with the steps. In case you are having trouble configuring it, contact support or try method 2.

So, if you have already had MS Outlook installed on your machine, then you can proceed with the downloading steps:

Now you can visit the chosen location to get the .pst file containing Outlook 365 emails.

"The generated .pst file can only be read or accessed inside the Outlook application. So, occasionally you require access to your Outlook 365 emails then you can do it with MS Outlook or choose a solution that can download emails in .eml or .msg file format"

Why Not Download Outlook 365 Emails Manually?

Method #2: How to Export All Emails from Office 365 Webmail Using Automated Tool?

To overcome all the limitations of the manual approach (method 1), the best possible solution is to take the help of the Office 365 Export Tool. This tool is capable of downloading single/multiple Outlook 365 account emails in multiple file formats (.pst, eml, msg). Apart from emails you can also download contacts, calendars, archive mailbox, and shared mailbox data using this tool. It is also recommends by the expert to have a Office 365 Backup. This tool requires some simple steps only.

State-of-The-Art Features of the Tool

  1. It can migrate all the emails, contacts, and calendars of multiple user accounts at once.
  2. Provides an option to split the size of the resulting PST file.
  3. Offers multiple options to add the users such as Fetch, Import, and Download template.
  4. Preserve the data originality throughout the process.
  5. Maintains data security during the process.

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Final Words

Downloading or Exporting Outlook 365 emails is a cumbersome task. Therefore through this write-up, we have explained the top 2 approaches to save Office 365 emails to desktop. However, there are some shortcomings of the manual approach. But you can overcome all the limitations of the manual method by using the above-explained automated tool. Now you can choose any one that suits you the best. Hence the query of how to download Outlook 365 emails is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to export all emails from Office 365 webmail to desktop?

A - There are two different methods. One is manual and another is automated. The manual method has some limitations. Due to this, it is not used commonly. But the automated tool is well equipped with the latest features. You can follow the below steps of the automated tool to export Office 365 emails to your desktop.

Q2. How to set up an Office 365 account in Outlook 2016 for exporting emails?

A - For setting up Office 365 account in the Outlook 2016, execute the below steps:-

Q3. How much time is required to export emails from Office 365 webmail?

A - It depends upon the size of the mailboxes. However, exporting Office 365 mailboxes using Outlook took more time as compared to the above-elaborated automated tool.

Q4. Why is Outlook export mailbox progress stuck?

A - This issue occurred while you were exporting large-sized mailboxes. So it is advised to use the automated tool for exporting Office 365 mailboxes.