How to Download Outlook 365 Emails – Two Easy Methods

If you are looking for ways to backup Outlook 365 data locally, then you are in right place. In this article, we will discuss 2 of the best techniques using which Admin or a user can download Outlook 365 emails on their local computer.

This article is for both single users or organizations that want to take backup of their employee's Outlook 365 data for various security and personal reasons.

No matter, what your reason is, after going through this article you will absolutely have the correct idea & strategy in your mind for downloading emails from Outlook 365 user account(s).

So, without taking much of your more time, let’s get started with the technique to do the task.

Method #1: Use MS Outlook Application to Download Outlook 365 Emails

One of the free and basic methods for downloading Outlook 365 emails of a single user is by using the desktop MS Outlook application.

Note: If you don’t have MS Outlook installed, then first download and launch it before proceeding with steps. In case if you are having trouble in configuring it, contact support or try method 2.

So, if you have already had MS Outlook installed on your machine, then you can proceed with the downloading steps:

Now you can visit the choose location to get the .pst file containing Outlook 365 emails.

"The generated .pst file can only be read or access inside the Outlook application. So, occasionally you required the access your Outlook 365 emails then you can do it with MS Outlook or choose a solution that can download emails in .eml or .msg file format"

Some Of the Shortcoming of using MS Outlook For Downloading Emails

Method #2: Download Single/Multiple Outlook 365 Emails Simultaneously

To overcome all the limitations of the manual approach (method 1), the best possible solution is to take the help of the Office 365 export tool. This tool is capable of downloading single/multiple Outlook 365 account emails in multiple file formats (pst, eml, msg). Apart from emails you can also download contacts, calendars, archive mailbox, and shared mailbox data using this tool.

Following are the top features offered by the automated tool:

  1. Option to login into tool with and without Admin account credentials.
  2. Download single/multiple account emails simultaneously
  3. Backup & Download emails in 3 file formats: PST, EML, MSG
  4. Offers split PST option to get variable size pst file.
  5. Downloads archive mailbox of each user.
  6. Provide feature to download shared mailbox via Admin account.
  7. Use the category filter option to backup specific type of items
  8. Date-Range filter option for downloading particular date-range emails only.
  9. Much more...

download Outlook 365 emails

You can download the tool from the below button to get the free demo .exe of the tool. Using which you can download the first 100 emails of each user in desired file format.

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Final Words

This article offers details of techniques to download Outlook 365 emails for single as well as multiple users simultaneously. Here, we have explained manual and automated solutions. You can compare both using the above details and pick the best suited one for yourself.