Why Office 365 Backup is Important?

Don't you know? Why Backup of Office 365 is Critical Nowadays? Okay, Let's understand with a scenario:

Imagine you arrived at your Office and login to the Office 365 account. And you find out all of your precious data files are gone – employees document, project report, client information etc. Now, all of the information that is important for your organization business has been damaged. At that moment, you will realize that data saved on the cloud does not mean it is backed up.

Why Office 365 Backup is Important

Most of Office 365 users think Microsoft’s takes care of their cloud data. However, Microsoft’s major concern is to manage data in the Office 365 account and program uptime. Moreover, they provide various utilities through which users can restore their deleted data back. But the misconception that Microsoft backup users’ data on their side leads to heavy damage when the backup process gets neglected. So, it is the duty of Office 365 users to protect their important information against any attack or data loss situation and take Office 365 backup timely.

Here, we are going to step through four top most important reasons why do you need backup for office 365. So, let’s look at the possible reason.

Office 365 Backup is Important: Why?

1. Accidental Erasure of Office 365 Mailbox Data

In Microsoft Office 365 program, the Deleted Item Folder and Restore an Earlier Versions options only retrieve the deleted data upto a certain limit. It is helpful in simple recovery of data.

In a case when the data removes from the geographic redundancy, the native approaches becomes fails. Actually, the geo-redundancy service stored the data at different centre. So, whenever the data loss disaster occurs, it may switch to another data centre and provides the data to the users. That is why Recycle Bin folder is not considered as the ideal Office 365 backup solution.

2. Security Breaches in Organization Starts With Employees

Most of the times companies become victims of their own ex-employees. The fired workers take advantage of weak backup strategies of Organizations. And stole the company data and release it is to other organizations. Sometimes, the fired employees intentionally delete the Office 365 data that damages organization health. So, it is recommended to have a strong backup plan to handle this type of issue.

3. Cyber Attacks Threat to Business

Nowadays, half of the organizations have experienced cyber attacks. Ransomware attacks are enough powerful to cause serious damage to the organizations. These types of threats come through in emails.

With the help of regular backup, users can protect this situation very easily. For this, they can use Office 365 Export Mailbox to PST software. It is a powerful tool that successfully saves the users’ mailbox data on the local machine in the form of PST and EML file format.

4. Confusion of Retention Policies

There is an option of Retention Policy in Microsoft Office 365. If any data item is subjected under this policy, then users can perform any operation on data like editing, freely because the data is preserved at its original location. But the downside of this method is its time-frame.

Yes, actually, retention policy works under a time limit. If an organization has a retention policy for “deleted after 7 years” this means the data will keep in place for 7 years. Once the time limit is over, the content will be destroyed automatically.

So, it is also not considered as an alternative to backup. Hence, it is must have a robust backup technique to keep your data protected from any threat. Office 365 users can also take help of above-mentioned tool i.e., Office365Export Tool. It creates a backup copy of the users’ mailbox in PST format. This file will remain forever in the storage device until or unless it gets corrupted or deleted intentionally.

Observational Verdict

The population of Office 365 users increases exponentially from the last decade. As a result, data volume and complexity also enlarges. With this post, we clearly understand that Microsoft does not take responsibility to full backup the user data. That is why Office 365 backup is important while dealing with manual ways. So, it is better to have a strong backup of the important data. Thus, users always have their precious data in case of a data loss disaster.